Coventry Makerspace

Welcome to Coventry Makerspace, a collaborative environment where people come together to make friends, learn new skills, and work on projects. We have evolved from the traditional makerspace to become a Pro-Maker facility, where you can access a full suite of tools and technology.

Blacksmithing and Metalworking

Our metalworking equipment includes welder, plasma cutter,  fabrication belt grinder with mini wheels and 10″ hollow grinding wheel, mill and lathe, engineering vices, metal fabrication table and tooling and safety equipment. We also have traditional blacksmithing equipment including anvil, forge, and blacksmithing tools, or you can learn to make your own.

Digital Making – CNC, Laser Cutting and 3D Printing

Our Ultimaker 2 3D printer, large-format laser cutter with rotary attachment, and CNC router mean that if you can design it on screen, you can make it reality!

Electronics and Programming

Members of our lively community are of all ages and abilities, from beginners to professionals and post-graduates, working on everything from home-electronic repairs to home automation projects, robots and drones. We have organised several Raspberry Pi Jams and Arduino workshops, and our members also enjoy experimenting with other microcontrollers including ESP8266.


Coventry Makerspace has a large range of hand and power tools available to members, including drills, routers and larger tools such as circular and bandsaws.