About us

Hi! Welcome to Coventry Makerspace.

We are a member-run collaborative environment where people come together to make friends, learn new skills and work on projects. We have evolved from being a Makerspace to a Pro Maker facility, where you can access a full suite of tooling and technology. We currently operate from two locations in Coventry. Members are fully insured for all activities that they undertake at either location.

The first location, is a comfortable general activities area where members meetup, code and work on collaborative projects together. Laser and 3D facilities are available if subscribed to. Meetups happen once or twice a week depending upon membership demands, with further availability as demand dictates.

The second location is a purpose made fabrication workshop that caters for both metal and wood working and allows for full professional builds. It is a fully equipped tech shop. Blacksmithing, metal working, welding and plasma cutting are some of the more popular activities, however it has been known for members to learn plastering there after constructing a plastering frame. There are no set builds or activities – you bring your imagination, skills and materials and work on projects that you choose.

Coventry Makerspace is a community interest company. This means that we exist for the benefit of the community. In return for access at rates below those of comparable commercial facilities, all members agree to give some of their time to helping to run the organisation and/or organising and attending community events. This is not optional (other than for associate members), but neither is it onerous – it is usually just a few hours per month, is sociable, and is usually a lot of fun!

Since we formed in Summer 2014 we have grown and changed a lot, achieved some great things and organised some amazing events. To read more about them, please click here.