Q. Who are you?

A. We are Coventry Makerspace, a member-run collaborative environment where people come together to make friends, learn new skills and work on projects. We have evolved from being a Makerspace to a Pro Maker facility, where you can access a full suite of tooling and technology at affordable prices.

Q. Where are you based?

A. The locations of both sites are only available to paid-up members at entry level and above, once they have provided ID and attended at least one meeting with us. Both locations are within Coventry, easily accessible by car and close to bus routes from the city centre.

Q. I am thinking about joining up, can I come and have a look at the facilities first?

A. As we have no paid staff, when our members show you around, it takes them away from their own making time. In the past we ran open days and evenings, but they took up a lot of Makerspace resources with minimal benefit to the organisation. We now ask potential members to support us by paying for a month’s membership first. This is a sustainable model that both supports the Makerspace and allows potential members to properly experience who we are and what we are about. There is no commitment after the first month, but we hope that you’ll have fun and decide to stick around.

Q. When do you meet?

Our regular meeting night is a Tuesday from 7pm but members of the community use our private Facebook group and Telegram Messenger app to communicate and arrange to meetup and work together as they require.

Q. Why are you not in commercial premises and open 24/7?

A. Having a facility that is accessible to members 24/7 is expensive. Eventually we would like to be able to do so, and if you join us as a member you will help us to achieve this aim. If you know of a suitable and affordable location, please contact us. In the meantime, we may not have commercial premises but we have far better equipment than a lot of commercial organisations such as Fab Labs do, so we think we’ve got our priorities right!

Q. I do not want to make but I like what you are doing, can I support you?

Thank you, your support is very welcome! You can join as an associate member for £10, or make either a one-off or regular donation via Paypal. Thank you in advance – every pound we earn or collect goes a long way. We do not pay salaries, and directors do not benefit, all donations are invested into the organisation so that we can continue to provide low-cost access to the people of Coventry. Alternatively, if you can donate equipment or premises, please email coventrymakerspace@gmail.com

Q. Can you come and do a talk or support our event?

As an organisation, we provide direct support to the community and do a number of large events each year. If you have an opportunity that would be mutually beneficial (and preferably target the younger makers of Coventry) please email coventrymakerspace@gmail.com. Please be aware that as our resources are limited, we cannot say yes to every offer.

Q. What does family membership mean?

Family membership is for one adult and up to two named children associated with the membership. The children must be over ten years old and supervised by the parent at all times. The father or mother can attend with the children or on their own.

Q. I am no longer a member?

We reserve the right to refuse admission to any member at any point. We maintain a friendly and collaborative membership environment. Where a members attitudes or behaviour do not support our inclusive and welcoming environment they will simply be asked to leave.  We ask that all members treat each other with respect and engage in our community, which includes supporting the running of the organisation and outreach activities.