For the benefit of everyone, we have a membership joining process that applies to all new and returning members. It starts with competion of the membership form, which can be found here.

Coventry Makerspace is a community organisation. In return for access at rates below those of comparable commercial facilities, all members agree to give some of their time to helping to run the organisation and community events that we take part in throughout the year. This is not optional (other than for associate members), but neither is it onerous – it is usually just a few hours per month, is sociable, and is usually a lot of fun!

Associate membership – £10*

For: People who don’t have the time or inclination to make with us, but like what we do!

Also known as social membership. Help support the community and be proud that you are helping to keep a unique facility in Coventry open. You are very welcome to come along to social gatherings but associate membership does not allow you access to facilities or equipment.

Entry Maker Membership – £25 individuals / £40 families*

For: People who enjoy making and want to be part of the community, but don’t want to do digital or pro-making

Allows you to come along and use the general facilities, engage with our maker community, learn new skills and join in with activities like programming and electronics evenings.

Digitial Maker Membership – £50*

For: People who want to take their making to the next level

A step up from our basic membership, use our laser engraver, with our without the rotatory attachment, Ultimaker 2 3D Printer and CNC machine upgraded from Entry Maker. Free small (less than 10 cm³) 3D print per month included and free 3D printer training.

Pro Maker Membership – £75*

For: People wo want to try metalworking or blacksmithing

Amazing access to the fabrication workshop, that’s metal working, wood working, blacksmithing. It includes the welder, plasma cutter, 75mm fabrication belt grinder, with mini wheels and 10″ hollow grinding wheel. Engineering vices, metal fabrication table and all tooling and safety equipment.

Metal Mill and lathe – £££ price on request, access depends upon level of skill and training

*All consumables are extra. Additional training costs may apply. Membership is dependent upon the member helping to run the organisation and/or fulfil its community commitments.